Fostering Calmness

Helping Hyperactive Kids — A Sensory Integration Approach: Techniques and Tips for Parents and Professionals by Lynn J. Horowitz, MHS, OT and Cecile Röst, PT, offer a number of great tips. These are few of them under Fostering Calmness.

  • Let your child push his or her hands together and apply strong pressure on the palms.
  • Use your hands to apply firm pressure on your child’s shoulders or apply a series of ten short pushes downward on the shoulders
  • If possible, make the environment as quiet as possible. Turn off any loud music or play quiet classical music. Many children find listening to Mozart very relaxing. Turn the TV off or turn the volume down. Busy hectic images can agitate your child, so look for soothing images.
  • Calmly rub the length of your child’s forehead or let your child rub it.
  • Massage the soles of your child’s feet.