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Free Interactive Learning Disability Profile Test

Move to Learn (Australia) has a free LD profile test which can be used to have a better understanding of children with learning difficulties.

The test, in Microsoft Excel format, will provide an idea of the areas that most need attention. The profile could be especially interesting comparing different children, or the same child longitudinally.

LD Profile Test

Life Success For Students With Learning Disabilities: A Parent Guide

Click on the image to download parent guide.

This guide is based on over 20 years of research conducted by the Frostig Center in Pasadena, California. The research traced the lives of individuals with learning disabilities in an attempt to identify factors that predicted successful life outcomes. The guide has been developed by Dr. Marshall H. Raskind, Dr. Roberta J. Goldberg, along with research associates Dr. Eleanor L. Higgins and Dr. Kenneth L. Herman.

This Guide describes each of the six success attributes and features quotes from successful adults with LD who help explain each attribute from the viewpoint of individuals who live with LD. Recommendations for how to develop success attributes in children with LD, as well as tips on how to recognize if a child possesses any of these important characteristics and behaviors are also included.

Click here to preview Life Success For Students With Learning Disabilities: A Teacher Guide.


Accommodations for Students with Learning Disability

October is Learning Disabilities Month in the US and Canada. As we have featured the LD Basics and LD Quizzes, this post provides you with a list of articles featuring accomodations for students with LD.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (2006) defines accomodations as …

… alterations in the way tasks are presented that allow children with learning disabilities to complete the same assignments as other students. Accommodations do not alter the content of assignments, do not give students an unfair advantage or in the case of assessments, do not change what a test measures. They do make it possible for students with LD to show what they know without being impeded by their disability.