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Handwriting Standards

Handwriting is a very important skill that children must learn. For guidance on assessing students’ handwriting skills, educators are invited to visit the website Handwriting Standards.

Handwriting standards for each grade level from kindergarten through grade 4+.

These will enable you to:

* Assess student proficiency
* Determine the need for additional instruction or remediation
* Monitor progress
* Help students achieve academic goals

TV Teacher Videos Now Available in the Philippines

We are pleased to announce that TV Teacher Videos is now available in the Philippines through Theraconcepts. Let us help children learn how to write with TV Teacher Videos.

We invite you all to watch these demos.

Learn to write the alphabet with Alphabet Beats by The TV Teacher.

Learn to draw with The TV Teacher

For inquiries on price and shipping fees, please send us an email at theraconcepts with your name and contact number.

Hurry! Limited stocks.

Product Descriptions:

DVD description: Looking for a FUN handwriting program? This is a winner! Alphabet Beats™, by The TV Teacher™, are educational videos that teach children how to write the alphabet quickly and easily!

This award-winning multi-sensory approach has produced amazing results with children especially for those with special needs! Their engaging visual demonstrations and catchy letter chants will have your child running to letter time! Children love to have fun with Miss Marnie as she teaches writing and presents more than 8 vocabulary words in each 5- minute letter chapter! Concepts such as body parts, spatial concepts, opposites, animals, sensory items, community helpers, gross and fine motor activities, and so much more – all in their writing DVD’s. Through their user-friendly menu, any letter chapter can easily be chosen. It’s visual. It’s fun. It’s effective!

Workbook description:
The Alphabet Beats™ writing workbooks contain shaded and dotted line letters, as well as starting point dots to help guide your child in making the correct letter formations.

These workbooks offer slightly larger spacing – helpful for those children just beginning to write and for those with fine motor challenges. Each page is dedicated to one letter, and is presented with minimal distraction to help keep children focused. Spiral bound at the top – great for left or right-handed children

DVD description: Finally a FUN pre-writing program! The TV Teacher’s™ newest program, Strokes, Shapes & Scenes™, will help children love learning to draw! Through engaging visual demonstrations and fun rhythmic songs, watch Miss Marnie motivate your child like never before. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Strokes (|,-,+,\,x) chapters help children develop basic pre-writing strokes. Shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle) chapters teach drawing basic shapes and encourages children’s creativity to convert them into pictures. Watch Miss Marnie make a train out of her rectangle! Each shape chapter demonstrates over 8 creative pictures! Also included is one chapter on how to make an oval, a heart, and a 5-pointed star!

Scenes chapters follow Miss Marnie on 4 different adventures. Encourage memory recall with their “think back” phrase and draw a complete scene. Learn to draw a house, people, trees, bikes and more!

Workbook description: A perfect complement to the Strokes, Shapes & Scenes™ DVD, this workbook incorporates dotted line drawings for each basic picture made in the Shapes section (over 8 per major shape!) as well as for the four scenes drawn. Tracing and coloring along with the guidelines will help build your child’s confidence that they can do it too! Spiral bound at the top – great for left or right-handed children

Voted by an independent group of parents AND educators as THE 2009 EDUCATIONAL DVD OF THE YEAR!!

Watch TV Teacher Videos featured on CNN.

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The Left-Handed Child

What is handedness? Wikipedia gives us a quick definition.

Handedness is an attribute of humans defined by their unequal distribution of fine motor skill between the left and right hands. An individual who is more dexterous with the right hand is called right-handed, and one who is more skilled with the left is said to be left-handed.

If your child is left-handed and you want to know some tips on how to develop his/ her writing skills, here are some websites you can visit.