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Center for Early Literacy Learning

The Center for Early Literacy Learning is a great resource site for early childhood intervention practitioners, parents, and other caregivers of children, birth to five years of age, with identified disabilities, developmental delays, and those at-risk for poor outcomes. Their goal is to promote the adoption and sustained use of evidence-based early literacy learning practices.We especially appreciate their “Practice Guides with Adaptations.”

These guides make it easier for young children with disabilities to participate in early literacy learning activities. Written for both parents and practitioners, the practice guides describe everyday home, community, and childcare learning opportunities that encourage early literacy learning.

Practice Guides for Infants
Gestures and Signs
Marking and Scribbling
Sound Awareness
Symbols and Signs
Stories and Listening

Practice Guides for Toddlers
Scribbling and Drawing
Storytelling and Listening
Rhymes and Sound Awareness
Symbols and Letters
Talking and Listening

Practice Guides for Preschoolers
Symbols and Signs
Book Reading and Storytelling
Rhymes and Sound Awareness
Talking and Listening
Drawing and Writing

Infant Development and Early Detection

Available in 11 languages, Pathways Awareness has developed a brochure to educate professionals and parents about children’s development patterns during early infancy. A must-read especially for new parents.

Inside this brochure, a unique chart allows you to track your child’s physical development. It begins at 3 months of age and continues to 15 months.